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Emotional Regulation Skills

Isn’t it great when life’s highs can trigger a fantastic feeling of dancing hand-in-hand with euphoria?

But it’s not too brilliant when life’s lows cause a spiral into an emotional meltdown.

Getting to grips with our positive and negative emotions can help us to navigate all kinds of situations in a balanced way.

Understanding how our emotions impact us, those around us, and how we interact with our social world requires the skill of Emotional Regulation (ER).

This course discusses evidence-based theory to clarify definitions, suggest practical strategies, and provide links to useful worksheets and exercises to support the development of emotional regulation skills.
  • 1. What is Emotional Regulation
  • 2. Grounding Techniques for Emotional Stability I
  • 3. Grounding Techniques for Emotional Stability II
  • 4. Self Soothing Techniques for Relaxation
  • Emotion Regulation. What causes emotional reactions and how can we modify them
  • Do You Have High Emotional Intelligence Take This 2-Minute Quiz to Find Out
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever