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Team Building For Managers

Teamwork is a part of everyday business life. Whether it"s virtual, in the office, or on the road, we are often expected to be a functional part of a team. Having a strong team benefits every organization and will lead to more successes than not. Teamwork is how your participants will elevate that event or project from just OK to great!

Through our Team Building For Managers workshop participants will be encouraged to explore the different aspects of a team, as well as ways that they can become a top-notch team performer. They will be given the details and concepts of what makes up a team, and what factors into being a successful team and team member. Activities that build camaraderie, develop problem solving skills, and stimulate interaction will give your participants what is needed to be a great team member.

Team Building For Managers Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started
Pre-Assignment Review
Workshop Objectives

Module Two: What Are The Benefits Of Team Building?
Better Communication And Conflict Resolution
Case Study
Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Types Of Team Building
Social Gatherings
Case Study
Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Creating Team Chemistry
Games For Introductions
Games To Build Camaraderie
Games For Problem Solving
Games To Stimulate Interaction
Case Study
Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Improving Team Strength
Games To Build Trust
Games To Motivate
Games To Build Communication
Games For Conflict Resolution
Case Study
Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Engagement and Collaboration Activities
Activities To Build Camaraderie
Activities For Idea Sharing
Activities To Build Trust
Activities To Stimulate Interaction
Case Study
Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Building a Great Team Identity
Activities To Motivate
Activities To Improve Working Together
Activities To Build Communication
Activities For Conflict Resolution
Case Study
Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Social Gathering
Singing / Karaoke
Dinner / Pot Lucks
Physical Activities
Case Study
Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Common Mistakes When Team Building
Letting Cliques Develop
Not Delegating Tasks
Rewarding In Private / Criticizing In Public
Disjointed Plans Of Grandeur
Case Study
Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Formatting A Team Building Plan
Define The Goal
Consult Team Members
Research And Create Structure
Keep It Fun
Case Study
Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Evaluations and Improvements
Was The Goal Met?
Was The Team Building Cohesive?
What Did The Team Think Of The Team Building?
How Can The Team Building Be Improved For Next Time?
Case Study
Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Words From The Wise
Lessons Learned
Recommended Reading
  • Team_Building_For Managers
  • 1. Getting Started - Team Building
  • 2. What are the Benefits of Team Building - updated
  • Module 02 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 2
  • Activity - Effectiveness
  • Activity - Camaraderie
  • 3. Types of Team Building - updated
  • Module 03 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 3
  • Activity - Let_s Play
  • Activity - Social Time
  • 4. Games - Team Building _updated_
  • Module 04 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 4
  • Activity - Solve the Problem_
  • Activity - Idea Sharing
  • 5. More Team Building Games - Updated
  • Module 05 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 5
  • Activity - Trust Me_
  • 6. Activities - Team Building _updated
  • Module 06 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 6
  • Activity - Motivations
  • 7. More Team Buidling Activities - updated
  • Module 07 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 7
  • Activity - Conflict Resolution
  • 8. Team Building Module 8
  • Module 08 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 8
  • Activity - Let_s Eat_
  • Activity - Let_s Meet_
  • 9. Team Building Module 9
  • Module 09 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 9
  • Activity - Delegation
  • 10. Team Building Module 10
  • Module 10 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 10
  • 11. Team Building Module 11
  • Module 11 Case Study
  • Quiz - Module 11
  • Activity - Consulting the Team
  • Activity - Research and Structure
  • Activity - Was the Goal Met
  • What makes a Team _Healthcare
  • 12. Team Building Module 12
  • Recommended Reading List
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever