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Better Meetings

Meetings are a ubiquitous part of the modern office across all industries. Think of meetings as a company's blood flow: When they are well-run, ideas and decisions flow through them like oxygen through veins, invigorating every aspect of the business, stimulating new ideas and pushing strategy forward, making it healthy and strong. But poorly run meetings constrict that blood flow. They create blockages, stifle innovation and make the business sluggish and unhealthy.

So how do you create healthy, productive, engaging, cost-effective meetings?

The key is communication — concise, clear, engaging communication. There are a few strategies you can wield as both a leader of meetings and as a participant in them.

What you will learn

• Understand the role and responsibilities of the chair
• Run a more efficient and productive meeting
• Appreciate the value of listening to the messages
• Recognise the importance of minutes, for internal and external purposes
• Understand the value of an effective and organised agenda
• Create a closer working relationship with the minute-taker
  • Better Meetings
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever