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Facilitation Skills

A “facilitator” is someone who acts as a 'lubricant' by helping a team with issues such as communications or problem solving but, typically, does not contribute to the actual content or management of a team's project (which is a team leader's function).

Effective facilitation can help your organization maximize its resources by getting the most from the people who work with you. While there are a number of seminars, trainings and workshops to learn how to effectively facilitate or become certified as a facilitator, if you do not have the resources to hire a facilitator or become one, here are some tips to help get you started.

A successful meeting has purpose, organization, direction, and supportive guidance from an unbiased leader–or a facilitator. Facilitation skills are an essential component of effective meetings because they supply teams with the expertise they need to hone in on the problem or topic at hand and achieve creative solutions and consensus.

A skilled facilitator can supercharge a team’s performance by functioning as a process guide for navigating complicated business challenges. Facilitators are experts at leading groups through key meetings and gatherings. You might have encountered a facilitator if you have participated in a design thinking-style workshop or a Design Sprint. Incorporate facilitation skills in your meeting culture to achieve more productive and effective meetings.
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