Soft Skills Courses

Parenting Skills (CE104)

The Parenting Skills Course is a comprehensive online training program designed to empower parents with the knowledge and tools to cultivate positive and nurturing relationships with their children. Through interactive modules and engaging activities, participants will learn effective communication techniques, positive discipline strategies, emotional intelligence development, problem-solving skills, and ways to promote their child’s overall well-being in the digital age. This course is suitable for parents of all ages and backgrounds who are eager to enhance their parenting skills and create a supportive and loving environment for their children.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the different parenting styles and their impact on children’s development.
Build strong and positive parent-child relationships through effective communication and active listening.
Implement positive discipline techniques to encourage responsible behavior and self-regulation in children.
Promote emotional well-being and emotional intelligence in children to foster resilience and coping skills.
Develop problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies to handle parent-child disputes effectively.
Nurture positive self-esteem and self-identity in children to support their confidence and growth.
Navigate the challenges of the digital world by setting appropriate guidelines and ensuring online safety.
Identify parenting support resources and create a long-term parenting plan to set achievable goals.
Benefits of the Parenting Skills Course:
Gain valuable insights into different parenting styles and their effects on children’s behavior and well-being.
Strengthen parent-child relationships through improved communication and active listening techniques.
Cultivate a positive and nurturing environment at home with effective discipline strategies.
Enhance emotional intelligence in children and equip them with coping skills to manage stress and emotions.
Develop problem-solving and conflict resolution abilities to address family issues constructively.
Promote positive self-esteem and self-identity in children, fostering their self-confidence and resilience.
Navigate the challenges of the digital age, ensuring children’s safety and responsible internet usage.
Access a wealth of parenting support resources and create a personalized long-term parenting plan.


Module 1: Introduction to Effective Parenting

Understanding the role of a parent
Exploring different parenting styles and their impact on children
Setting goals and expectations for the course
Module 2: Building Strong Parent-Child Relationships

The importance of bonding and attachment
Effective communication with children of different ages
Active listening and empathetic responses
Module 3: Positive Discipline and Behavior Management

Differentiating punishment from discipline
Implementing positive reinforcement and rewards
Using logical consequences to teach responsibility
Module 4: Promoting Emotional Well-being in Children

Recognizing and addressing children’s emotions
Teaching emotional intelligence and self-regulation
Coping with stress and anxiety
Module 5: Effective Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution

Teaching problem-solving skills to children
Conflict resolution strategies for parent-child disputes
Encouraging negotiation and compromise
Module 6: Nurturing Positive Self-esteem and Identity

Recognizing the importance of self-esteem in child development
Strategies to promote positive self-image and confidence
Fostering a growth mindset in children
Module 7: Parenting in the Digital Age

Navigating the challenges and risks of the online world
Setting appropriate screen time limits and guidelines
Promoting digital responsibility and safety
Module 8: Parenting Support and Resources

Identifying available resources and support networks for parents
Seeking professional help when needed
Creating a long-term parenting plan and setting achievable goals
  • Parenting Online Training Program
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever