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Talent Acquisition Advanced Strategies (CE108)

The course aims to empower Human Resources (HR) professionals and recruiters with contemporary and effective strategies to attract, select, and onboard the right talent in their organizations. Through an exploration of modern technologies, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and advanced recruitment methodologies, participants will develop the acumen to drive a competitive advantage through strategic talent acquisition.

Module 1: Introduction to Advanced Talent Acquisition
1.1. Defining Talent Acquisition in the Modern Context
1.2. Evolution of Talent Acquisition Strategies
1.3. Importance of Strategic Talent Acquisition
1.4. Difference between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Module 2: Employer Branding and Candidate Experience
2.1. Defining and Building an Appealing Employer Brand
2.2. Leveraging Social Media for Employer Branding
2.3. Designing an Outstanding Candidate Experience
2.4. Case Studies: Employer Branding Success Stories

Module 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Talent Acquisition
3.1. Importance of DEI in Modern Talent Acquisition
3.2. Strategies for Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline
3.3. Addressing Unconscious Bias in Recruitment Processes
3.4. Measuring DEI in Talent Acquisition

Module 4: Leveraging Technology in Talent Acquisition
4.1. Recruitment Marketing Platforms
4.2. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
4.3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Recruitment
4.4. Data Analytics in Talent Acquisition

Module 5: Advanced Sourcing Strategies
5.1. Proactive Sourcing and Talent Pipelining
5.2. Utilizing Boolean Search and Other Advanced Sourcing Techniques
5.3. Engaging Passive Candidates
5.4. Building and Maintaining Talent Communities

Module 6: Selection and Assessment Strategies
6.1. Designing Effective Assessment Centers
6.2. Behavioral and Situational Interview Techniques
6.3. Implementing Competency-Based Assessments
6.4. Leveraging Assessment Technology

Module 7: Onboarding and Retention Strategies
7.1. Designing Effective Onboarding Programs
7.2. Role of Talent Acquisition in Employee Retention
7.3. Measuring the Effectiveness of Talent Acquisition Strategies
7.4. Linking Talent Acquisition to Long-term Business Goals

Module 8: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Talent Acquisition
8.1. Compliance with Employment Laws and Regulations
8.2. Ethical Considerations in Recruitment and Selection
8.3. Privacy Issues in Talent Acquisition
8.4. Best Practices for Ethical and Legal Talent Acquisition
  • Advanced Talent Acquisition Strategies
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever